ALPHA LUXE GROUP is a licensed real estate agency founded in early 2019 to provide a complete service in real estate brokerage, consulting and investment project management.

We are pleased to represent and connect our clients in the process of creating lasting value.

We offer a complete service: legal and financial consulting, decision support, advertising, marketing, and settlement of administrative documentation, all to save valuable time and to complete your projects as soon as possible.

A premise of professionalism, expertise and love of business guides us.

Our team consists of licensed agents, attorneys, designers, marketers, surveyors and builders.

We guarantee you a completely personalized approach and partnership in the realization of your project.

Our slogan represents the concept of our service – LUXURY IN ALL THINGS


Our mission is to be strategic partner in our clients' property projects and to witness their satisfaction in achieving the set goals.

With our professional and quality work our vision is to become a central place for real estate brokerage, consulting and investment project management to achieve international brand recognition by contributing to the community in which we live and operate.


Buying or selling a property to most people is the most significant investment in life, which is why it is a good idea to be accompanied by knowledgeable professionals who have the necessary experience in the process.

Suppose you decide to sell your property on your own; You will do your best to photograph, describe, place the ad on the most visited advertisement (s) and wait for potential buyers. Although inquiries and visits will follow, the attempt to sell will likely be slow and unsuccessful. The advantage of hiring an agency is that it already has a pool of potential buyers looking for a property like yours. Most valuable real estate is sold often without prior advertising.

However, if you are buying a property, you will need knowledge of legal regulation (civil relations - property law, law and inheritance), construction profession, architecture, energy efficiency and administrative procedures to make the optimal decision.

If you do not have all this information, any overlook may cause you unnecessary expense and difficulty in completing the transaction.

The situation is even riskier when it comes to business investment. In this case, an inappropriate decision can lead to a reduction and lack of profit, additional costs and other side effects.

The purpose of hiring a real estate agent is to let the professionals do the job for you in a quality and safe way.

Benefits of real estate agency engagement:

1. Thorough control of documentation and preparation of real estate
The real estate placed on the market by a licensed agency has been inspected in detail, from technical prerequisites and all necessary permits to ownership relations and possible encumbrances by banks or state institutions. The circumstances in question are checked periodically, especially during the purchase process.

2. Market value estimation of the property
Determining the starting price of a property is the most important thing for a good and fast sale. A quality agent will competently suggest a price because he has current knowledge about the real estate sold at that location, future investments that could affect the price, and other relevant factors that could affect the proper positioning of your property on the market.

A professional real estate agent who does his job well knows the real estate market and, by your specific requirements and needs, will find a suitable property for you faster and better.

4. Legal certainty
Agencies that meet the legal requirements for real estate brokerage are registered in the Register of Brokers with the Croatian Chamber of Commerce. One of the most important legal obligations of the agency is the concluded policy of professional liability insurance, which insures the buyer in case of any problems. For legal affairs in real estate, a professional agency hires a law firm, which guarantees legal security.

5. Administration
The agency performs for you the complete administrative part of the real estate business (request for registration in the land register, transfer of ownership and utilities on behalf of the buyer).


We believe that in life, everybody deserves a note of luxury.

The greatest luxury is quality leisure. Therefore, with the interdisciplinarity and complementarity of services, we want to save you valuable time.

Our team consist of experts and enthusiasts who work hard, motivated by the satisfaction of their clients.

Our real estate services include:

• Complete documentation analysis and counselling
Market value estimation of the property
Finding a property to suit your specific needs
Legal certainty and complete administration care
• Professional photography and video recording recording of your property
Real estate advertising on all relevant domestic and foreign portals
• Offering real estate to potential buyers from the agency portfolio and presenting the property

If you are interested in land investing, renovating or reconstructing a particular property, building it or upgrading it for private or business purposes, you are in the right place.

With the synergy of all the necessary professions for your project, we will be the leading coordinator and contact person.

We will:
Find a property that meets your needs and interests
Analyze the legal status of the property
• Organize the collection of all necessary permits
• Help you choose a quality architect and construction contractor
• Coordinate for you the feasibility study (feasibility study)
• Coordinate for you the investment study
• Analyze funding opportunities (grants, favourable lending, subsidies, state / regional government grants, etc.)

Read more about our services.


Good marketing today is imperative for fast and efficient sales.

That is why we at ALPHA LUXE GROUP founded ISTRA PLAKATI – an agency for design, marketing, and creative solutions, offering audio and video production along with leasing of advertising media space.

ISTRA PLAKATI provides a variety of advertising opportunities at very reasonable prices.

Check out our full range of marketing services and a wide range of advertising space:


We create for you attractive, high-resolution videos of the exterior and interior for your property and it's surroundings, from ground or air.

Let your property become a brand: with exclusive presentation and quality advertising, multiply your chances of selling it quickly and efficiently.

Read more about our marketing, video recording and production.




Buying or selling real estate to most people is the most significant investment in life, which is why it is a good idea to be accompanied by knowledgeable professionals who have the necessary experience in the process.

You have a vision - we are here to help you realize it

Whether you are buying, selling, renting or investing in a particular property, the first contact with the agency must be advisory. Real estate professionals have the necessary knowledge and experience required to make your idea come true.

We will devote your utmost attention and discuss with you your ideas and needs so that we can find exactly the solution you were hoping for as soon as possible. The situation is even riskier when it comes to business investment. In this case, an inappropriate decision can lead to a reduction and lack of profit, additional costs and other side effects.

The catalogue of our advisory services differs depending on whether you are buying, selling or building/investing in a particular property and whether it is residential or commercial property. In this regard, our team of experts in law, architecture, construction, surveying, finance and EU project management will provide you with the right service.

If you have settled on a more complex investment project,(construction, reconstruction, redevelopment, etc.), we will create and manage a project plan for you, coordinating all actions and keeping track of the execution deadlines. We will be with you from the very beginning until the final realization.

Read more about our investment project advisory and management services.


If you like Croatia and want to buy a real estate for housing, vacation, or investing, contact us with confidence.

Independent legal regulation research of a real estate market in another country is a challenging and risky endeavour.

Our team is staffed by real estate professionals and attorneys who will advise you and find you the best solution and solve all legal and administrative matters.

If you do not plan to spend the whole year in your property, we offer a property management service.

Read more about our support to foreign citizens.


Our range of services also includes rental of villas and holiday homes. With a quality partner, your property will be maximally filled and generate a safe income.

Let us take care of advertising and renting your villa or holiday home.

For you, with the best equipment, we will photograph the property, create a video and/or a virtual walk, advertise it and manage your reservations

We will take care of your guests and their requirements to make their stay with you as comfortable as possible.

We are not a classic rental agency. Guests who rent accommodation through us get a complete and expeditious service.

We provide support when booking the accommodation itself, and at the request of the guest, we provide all the necessary information about the destination:

• Current cultural and fun/social events during your stay
• Gastronomic offer
• Sports activities and sports service providers
• Attractions and attractive destinations nearby
• Excursions
• Natural beauty
• The historical and cultural heritage and more.

We are continually improving and following global trends.

In that sense we are the first and only agency in Croatia to include cryptocurrency in its offer. In this way, we have become a part of the global crypto community, enabling you - our clients - to expand their markets and increase their capacity utilisation.

Specifically, the crypto community is on the increase globally, which opens the possibility of access to an entirely new market of high purchasing power.

To our clients, this opportunity brings excellent advantages. The market is expanding, the option of filling tourist capacities is increasing, all without risk.

If the client wants to pay by cryptocurrency, at the moment of payment, it is converted into Croatian Kuna, and you receive the amount in Kuna. There is also no risk of foreign exchange differences, as the conversion of cryptocurrency to Croatian Kuna is done within 15 minutes of the client's payment.

We cooperate with the best brokerage company in Croatia one of the leading brokerage companies in the European Union that enables simple, legal and professional trading of cryptocurrencies

Our partner, Electrocoin, is fully compliant with all relevant regulations in the Republic of Croatia. Through its legal team, they are continuously working on establishing legal frameworks and establishing links with regulatory bodies in the Republic of Croatia. The company is also one of the co-founders of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (UBIK) whose goal is to build and empower the Croatian blockchain community and to tackle common regulatory issues.

Our services include:
• Production of professional photos and/or videos or virtual walks and descriptions of your property in Croatian, English, Italian and German and more
• Marketing and sales – advertising your property on our website and all relevant portals and social networks
Pricing in collaboration with landlords
Monitor occupancy status and timely signal the need for pricing actions
Monitoring of legislation and appropriate notification of changes to regulations and other relevant information
Consulting to increase competitiveness and rental income by improving the offer or the property itself
Reservation management and communication with guests
Professional staff available on weekdays during office hours
Taking care of the guests from the moment of booking the accommodation until their stay in the property and their departure
• Making all necessary information about the destination to the guests:
social/cultural events, gastronomic offer, sports activities, excursions, etc.
Internal and external maintenance of your property (by agreement)

Why hire us?

• We are continually investing in SEO so that we are as close to the top as possible on search engines and thus closer to clients
We advertise on all relevant portals and social networks
• We use best equipment, technology and designs to photograph and record your property
We do not condition the exclusivity of placements solely through ALPHA LUXE
We do not limit the number of your self-reservations
• In case of cancellation or non-availability of guests, a reimbursement will be paid in accordance with the contract
• Our staff are experienced, friendly and available for any questions
• With us you will be on everything you are interested in to improve your offer and maximize capacity
We are continually improving and keeping up with the trends, so you are sure that you are accompanied by an ambitious and valuable team of professionals

Read more about renting villas and holiday homes.