Why choose Alpha Luxe Group for your real estate needs?

Why choose Alpha Luxe Group? Your trusted real estate partner in Poreč
  • One-stop solution agency for all your real estate needs.
  • We are committed to our transactions' integrity, clarity, and transparency.
  • Our personalized approach and partnership help you realize your real estate projects.
  • Experienced team of experts and enthusiasts dedicated to client satisfaction.
  • Guaranteed security in buying and selling properties.
  • Continuous investment in marketing and SEO to improve our online presence and reach more clients
  • Broad advertising reach on relevant portals and social media platforms.
  • Use top-notch equipment, technology, and designs to showcase your property.
  • No exclusive placements solely through Alpha Luxe, giving clients the freedom to choose.
  • We continuously improve and keep up with the latest trends to provide valuable and ambitious professional services.

At Alpha Luxe Group, we provide exceptional support and consultancy services to help you prepare your property for sale.

Our expertise covers commercial, residential, and industrial properties, hotels, and businesses. We have extensive knowledge, experience, and insights into the real estate market, which allows us to offer accurate property valuations.

Our complete documentation analysis and counseling services, combined with our market value estimation of the property, provide you with the legal certainty and comprehensive administration care you need to make informed decisions.

Our professional real estate photography and video recording showcase your property in the best possible light, attracting potential buyers and helping you achieve the best price.

We also advertise your property on all relevant domestic and foreign portals and offer it to potential buyers from our agency portfolio.

As a one-stop solution agency, we offer personalized support and a portfolio of properties to every client. Our legal department, specializing in property, commercial, and corporate law, solves all legal issues, from book-property verification of the real estate to submitting the necessary documents for ownership registration.

If you are interested in land investing, renovating, or reconstructing a particular property, building it, or upgrading it for private or business purposes, we can help you.

We will find a property that meets your needs and interests, analyze the legal status of the property, organize the collection of all necessary permits, help you choose a quality architect and construction contractor, coordinate the feasibility study and investment study, and analyze funding opportunities.

Our network and expertise have united many buyers, developers, business owners, individuals, and large companies. We have received many referrals that have increased our customer base through trust, which has grown steadily since our inception.

In addition to traditional payment methods, Alpha Luxe Group is the first agency in Croatia to integrate cryptocurrency payments into its offer, allowing us to become part of the global crypto community and dictate trends in tourism, real estate, and marketing services.

This opportunity brings excellent advantages to our clients, as they can pay by cryptocurrency, converted into euros at the moment of payment. There is also no risk of foreign exchange differences, as cryptocurrency to euro is converted within 15 minutes of the client payment.

We cooperate with the best brokerage company in Croatia and one of the leading brokerage companies in the European Union, Electrocoin, to enable simple, legal, and professional trading of cryptocurrencies.

Our partner fully complies with all relevant regulations in the Republic of Croatia. Its legal team continuously works on establishing legal frameworks and links with regulatory bodies in the Republic of Croatia.

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Let your property become a brand with our exclusive presentation and quality advertising, multiplying your chances of selling it quickly and efficiently.

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