Certified architects for energy-efficient design solutions

Architecture is crucial in the real estate industry, whether selling, buying, or building properties.

For example, if you want to sell your property quickly, engaging an architect to prepare a project solution highlighting the property's advantages and potential to potential buyers is advisable.

On the other hand, when buying, an architect can help you turn an unsuitable property into your dream property, giving you a clear idea of whether the property can be adapted to your specific requirements and the project's estimated price.

Suppose you want to build a modern, sustainable property that meets your needs and lifestyle. In that case, our team of certified architects and associates specializes in building design according to the highest energy efficiency standards.

Our architects have a certificate for passive construction (Certified Passive House Designer) and rich experience in residential architecture.

We combine modern housing and sustainable construction, relying on the architectural tradition of our region, to provide a unique and functional design solution.

Architectural services for property purchasing, Alpha Luxe Group, Poreč

Our architectural services include:

  1. Architectural consulting
  2. Preliminary study of spatial possibilities
  3. Conceptual solutions and projects
  4. Main projects
  5. Implementation projects
  6. Interior projects
  7. 3D photorealistic visualizations
  8. 3D walkthrough of the space
  9. Insolation studies
  10. Building physics project
  11. Professional and design supervision
  12. Cost estimates for all professions

Our interdisciplinary and integrative approach uses all the professions needed to create a quality project solution. In addition, we approach each project individually and are highly sensitive to nature and existing construction.

We are also pioneers in the field of BIM technology in Croatia (Building Information Modeling), which enables the cooperation of all participants in constructing one virtual model, facilitating the process of design, construction, and professional and planning supervision.

Through 3D visualizations, you can create a recognizable architectural concept with the architect in "real-time" and thus better position your property on the market.

Your property's potential is boundless with the right architectural design.

Through our innovative solutions and seasoned expertise, Alpha Luxe Group ensures the transformation of your property into a sustainable, modern, and aesthetically pleasing space.

Contact us today and let's elevate your real estate experience.

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