Legal services for real estate transactions

Alpha Luxe Group Real Estate takes pride in providing professional and reliable services for all real estate transactions.

We offer essential legal services included in the agency fee, with no additional costs. Our legal department specializes in property, mandatory, commercial, and company law.

Legal services for real estate transactions, reliability of Alpha Luxe Group

Our legal services include:

  1. Document control: We ensure that all essential documents are in order, including land registry excerpts, construction and use permits, title deeds, and cadastre plans.
  2. Legal advice: Our legal experts guide co-ownership, joint ownership, inheritance, encumbrances, and more.
  3. Preparation of contracts: We assist in drafting pre-sales contracts, sales contracts, and tabular statements for ownership registration.
  4. Proposal for registration of property rights: We propose and initiate the roll of property rights.
  5. Registration of changes in the property: We manage and register any changes made to the property in the Cadastre, including urgency procedures.
  6. Transfer of ownership: We ensure that the ownership is transferred to overhead and utility service providers such as electricity, water, and utilities.

In addition to the above services, we offer further legal services upon request, including:

  1. Legal advice and obtaining permits: We provide legal advice and get the location, use, and other permits for real estate and construction procedures.
  2. Compilation and analysis of contracts: We analyze, and compile contracts related to acquiring and transferring limited fundamental rights to real estate, such as mortgages, easements, and building rights.
  3. Representation in land registry procedures: We represent you in all land registry procedures.
  4. Compilation and analysis of construction contracts: We analyze and compile construction contracts.
  5. Compilation and analysis of lease agreements: We analyze and compile real estate, land, or business premises lease agreements.
  6. Procedures for an in-depth survey of real estate: We manage operations for an in-depth real estate study.
  7. In-depth recording of companies: We provide in-depth recording services for the sale or purchase of companies.
  8. Legal advice and drafting of documents: We provide legal advice and draft bare acts, contracts, and supporting documents in establishing companies and other legal entities, as well as all types of status changes in companies.
  9. Overall support for complex changes: We provide comprehensive support in implementing more complex changes, such as mergers, acquisitions, unbundling, and reshaping.
  10. Establishment of companies: We assist foreign citizens in establishing companies in the Republic of Croatia.

From the initial stages of document control to the intricate processes of company establishment, Alpha Luxe Group Real Estate is by your side to navigate the complexities of real estate transactions.

We extend our expertise to offer a seamless experience and promise a partnership that prioritizes your needs and goals.

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