Land use analysis services

Land use analysis is an essential service that ensures maximum usability and commercial value of construction land.

This service is designed to benefit investors and property owners/sellers by providing detailed insight into the land's potential for construction.

Investors can use land use analysis to evaluate the potential of construction land and start realizing their investment plans as soon as possible.

On the other hand, property owners/sellers can benefit from this service by getting a clear picture of what can be built on their land, directly affecting the land's value or the price they can achieve in the market.

Land utilization analysis in Istria, expert advice from Alpha Luxe Group

Our land use analysis service includes a thorough check of the following:

  • title deeds
  • cadastral outlines
  • harmonization of areas in the cadastre and land registry
  • and a detailed overview of each area's General Urban Plan (GUP)

We also provide a graphic and textual presentation for each location and a conceptual design prepared by our expert architects.

With our land use analysis service, you can make informed decisions about the best use of your land and maximize its potential value.

Ensure the highest return on your investment with our detailed land use analysis service, designed to unlock the full potential of your construction land and facilitate informed decision-making.

Contact us for a comprehensive understanding of your property's construction possibilities.

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