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Marijana Budimir, licensed real estate agent | License No. 156/2022

Licensed real estate agent and jurist, Marijana Budimir, from Alpha Luxe Group, Istria, Poreč

Marijana Budimir, a licensed real estate agent and graduate lawyer with a judicial exam, has over 12 years of experience in the financial industry. Her areas of expertise include legal affairs, financial investments, real estate investments, the legal sector, and the M&A sector.

Her expertise and deep knowledge make her an irreplaceable member of our team. Her educational achievements are complemented by an MBA from the University of Cambridge and other prestigious programs, including a module on effective leadership at IEDC Bled, a certificate from Silva International, Inc., and other similar qualifications.

Marijana leads one of the branches of Alpha Luxe Group, where she has developed an impressive portfolio of successful transactions. Providing complex services, Marijana guides clients through investing in real estate, tailoring her approach to their specific needs.

Her work is not just a job but a commitment to creating lasting value for clients.

We have integrated all critical activities in the real estate market to provide complete services in one place, allowing you significant time savings and optimization of the investment process to achieve your real estate goals.

For all your needs and questions related to real estate, turn to Marijana Budimir, your reliable partner and guide.

+385 95 363 1893

Robert Budimir, executive director and licensed real estate agent | License No. 196/2019

Robert Budimir, certified real estate agent, Alpha Luxe Group, property expert from Poreč, Istria

With over a decade of experience in sales and entrepreneurship, Robert has become synonymous with passion, innovation, and dedication in the world of real estate.

He is committed to providing exceptionally professional, patient, and individualized service, and his ability to communicate in multiple languages enables successful interactions with a diverse global clientele. Robert successfully leads a team focused on marketing and real estate sales, integrating the latest trends and technologies to satisfy client needs optimally. His flexibility and accessibility are critical to the excellence of our services, and his leadership ensures that every team member shares the same commitment to top-notch service. His educational achievements are complemented by an MBA from the University of Cambridge, business application programming and web design at the Pro-Anima Institute, a certificate from Silva International, Inc., a tourist guide license, and more.

His passion for exploring new cultures and technologies and his commitment to continuous learning keep him in tune with industry trends and enrich our corporate culture.

We provide comprehensive services that extend from initial consulting to finalizing investments, establishing lasting relationships with you, and creating long-term value to ensure you a premium experience in real estate.

For all your real estate needs, contact Robert Budimir, your trusted partner and guide through the world of real estate.

+385 95 363 1892