Comprehensive IT solutions for tourist establishments

Alpha Luxe Group, based in Poreč, provides a diverse range of IT and web solutions facilitated by our European expert partners.

As a real estate specialist, we extend our passion for technology to equip your properties with cutting-edge facilities post-purchase.

IT support for online property sales, Alpha Luxe Group

Our IT services cover the following:

  • Complete business digitization
  • IT networking planning and execution
  • Installation of IT devices and WiFi networks
  • Network performance optimization
  • Video surveillance and alarm systems consultation and installation
  • SAT TV and audio technology installation
  • Smart Home systems consultation and installation for private residences, family hotels, and hostels

With expertise in detailed IT planning for offices and hospitality facilities, we offer support from the initial design to implementation, including the procurement and maintenance of POS systems and server infrastructure.

Our marketing planning involves hotspot wireless networks within hotel facilities, aiding in collecting, analyzing, and applying user data for enhanced sales. We develop and program websites and mobile applications and provide mobile-connected surveillance systems and remote Smart Home systems operable with Google Alexa.

Our team's extensive experience, individual client approach, and commitment to innovative solutions and quality service have positioned us as a reliable partner for your digital transformation needs.

Contact us for expert IT infrastructure installation, maintenance, and innovative solutions to enhance your competitiveness in the tourism sector.

Your satisfaction is our priority!

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